Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine

Take me Away.

Every chance I get I take all the stragglers and we head to "another beach." You see, we pretty much own our very own lovely stretch of beach in Pythagorio, Samos (well as much as you can "own" a beach) but it comes with strings. My dad's restaurant is on that lovely beach. So if it is your day off and the restaurant gets busy (as is likely in high season) you are no doubt going to be called up to work by my tyrant of a father. And I mean work hard! Sweat hard! Oh, and I should remind you, you are still wearing your swimsuit while working, and it is most likely still dripping salt water down your leg. So now you're working in your swimsuit, with it dripping down your leg (and if you are of the female variety it is also dripping from your boobs, lucky you). Working, sweating, dripping, all the while hopefully not tripping. So I think you can see why we head to "another beach" as often as possible, which is never often enough.

A sweet escape

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My best photo yet

If only I had a Flickr...I would post this photo there. But instead it will stay here for your viewing pleasure, and mine.

It was taken about a week ago when Zhaina and I escaped for a latte in the harbor alone together. The friendly waiter gave her this drink ornament to keep her happy while I sipped away on the beverage below. Yum yum.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hookah Disturbance

The mere presence of a Hookah pipe is enough to put me on edge. It is just so big, exotic, and strange. I mean, I know that it is now coming into fashion just to be seen in a hookah bar or a hash den, but me, smoke shisha, not so sure. Until now...

The other night we scared the crap out of walked in on my cousin preparing the hookah for a midnight smoke, and I have to admit I was completely entranced. The whole process of indirectly lighting the shisha (or in our case apple flavored herbal molasses) totally demanded my full attention. And then when it came time to smoke I only momentarily hesitated, what was I waiting for?

Turns out nothing. I guess I am in fashion after all.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Breakfast of Champions



Iced Latte

Fresh Bread




Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just another bad day in Paradise

So I've had this strange string of bad days, and for no particular reason, other than I'm cranky. Just pure and simple cranky behavior. Okay well maybe not for NO reason. My dad is rather a cranky person, more so in his most recent years. My sister and I go back and forth as to the reason why. Could it be his age? Could it be he works too hard? Is it because it is difficult to be a host? Maybe he's stressed out because of money? Are we, his daughters, the root of his angst? And this list of questions gets longer and longer without any answers ever surfacing.

So this evening, feeling just as cranky as ever, I look over at my dad with his crabby face and I think to myself, "wow he looks like me!" So, there you go, the reason I'm cranky for no particular reason at all is the exact reason why he is.

And yet, this reason remains unidentified.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Through the years

They say, "the time goes by so fast."
They say, "enjoy it while it lasts."
They say, "don't be in such a hurry."
"They" are right.





Sunday, July 5, 2009

Adventures at the Acropolis

Should you ever be so lucky to come to Greece, in my humble opinion, the #1 thing you must see is the Acropolis. It is absolutely magnificant! My first visit to the Acropolis was when I was just about Zhaina's age. There are photos in exsistance somewhere of me, Melissa, and my mom and dad hiking to the Acropolis in the early 1980's. Now nearly 30 years later I am bewitched by the Acropolis everytime I come to Athens. It is just so amazingly breath taking. I took Zhaina on her first hike when she was just 3 months old, but since then it has been too daunting a task to return. Until last week while in Athens we set out to do a midnight hike only to find that the gates were closed and we couldn't get all the way to the top :( So we drove as far up as the road allows and admired it from afar.

Only to have Zhaina anounce she had to pee! So in true Greek style we found a bush and crouched behind it.

On our way back through the center of Athens we stopped at the Greek Parliment building, specifically, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for a quick photo op.

And as you can see we came just in time for the changing of the guards! I've always loved a good dance :)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sea Glass

Here on Samos a lot of time is spent on the beach and one of Zhaina's favorite beach activities is searching for sea glass. Of course she loves swimming and snacking too, but searching for sea glass is the best. On my dad's beach the most common colors of sea glass found are green and clear. But once and awhile you get lucky and find and amber piece or even light blue. The green are from the Heineken bottles, the clear are from the coca-cola bottles, the amber from Amstel beer bottles, and the light blue ones I'm not so sure about. There are also many tiny sea shells and pottery shards that are also lovely to collect. I keep all the sea glass Zhaina finds on her own in a blue gossamer bag that we tote around the world with us, and the search continues. Zhaina now has a crew of helpers on the beach. The newest edition to the crew is Chelsey, her nanny this summer.
All this talk about sea glass reminds me of a lovely book I read some years ago by the same title. I should find mine and re-read it, I remember it filling me so. Perhaps I will tuck away a copy for Zhaina as well...

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Pizza Maker

One of my dad's 3 businesses on the Island is a Pizzeria, which we refer to as simply, "the pizza". It was opened by a Dutch guy some years ago, but when he moved on to new ventures my dad seized the opportunity to expand his capitol on the Island by purchasing the pizza. (Again, referring to the business and not to a single pizza pie). This is his third year running the pizza and it gets better and better every year I believe.
Adoni, the pizza maker (employed by my dad) had a family tragedy occur in the last week and had to suddenly make a trip home to Albania. This left a huge void at the pizza. You see, we make everything from scratch at the pizza. And by scratch I mean down to the shredding of the cheese out of 25 lbs blocks. But not only do we shred the cheese, we make the pizza dough. And who do you think is the lucky one to have taken on this gigantic task?! Yes, that's right, me.

the pizza maker.

So these past few days I've spent the sweltering afternoons in front of a wood burning pizza oven, rolling dough.

After it has risen it looks something like this:


And then about 2 hours and 5 lbs of sweat collecting under my boobs, we get about 50 or so of these:

the fruits of my labor

But don't worry, I had help.

To Blog, or Not to Blog

I've had this inner battle about blogs for the past year or so. Trying to decide how I felt about them. I thoroughly enjoy reading blogs, and have followed several for some time now, but having my own, well that's a whole other story.

I've always been plagued by this wierd oxymoron trait to my personality. On one hand I am somewhat (okay some may say alot) of an exhibitionist, yet on the other hand I am very private about the way my brain works, the way I think about things, and especially the way I feel about not only things, but more importantly, people. So to have all that out there with people reading my words and judging my thoughts, scrutinizing my photos, that took some incouragement.

Yet, in the end I've decided to give it a go.

So here it is world, I hope it is all I promise it will be, and more.