Sunday, July 5, 2009

Adventures at the Acropolis

Should you ever be so lucky to come to Greece, in my humble opinion, the #1 thing you must see is the Acropolis. It is absolutely magnificant! My first visit to the Acropolis was when I was just about Zhaina's age. There are photos in exsistance somewhere of me, Melissa, and my mom and dad hiking to the Acropolis in the early 1980's. Now nearly 30 years later I am bewitched by the Acropolis everytime I come to Athens. It is just so amazingly breath taking. I took Zhaina on her first hike when she was just 3 months old, but since then it has been too daunting a task to return. Until last week while in Athens we set out to do a midnight hike only to find that the gates were closed and we couldn't get all the way to the top :( So we drove as far up as the road allows and admired it from afar.

Only to have Zhaina anounce she had to pee! So in true Greek style we found a bush and crouched behind it.

On our way back through the center of Athens we stopped at the Greek Parliment building, specifically, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for a quick photo op.

And as you can see we came just in time for the changing of the guards! I've always loved a good dance :)

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