Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hookah Disturbance

The mere presence of a Hookah pipe is enough to put me on edge. It is just so big, exotic, and strange. I mean, I know that it is now coming into fashion just to be seen in a hookah bar or a hash den, but me, smoke shisha, not so sure. Until now...

The other night we scared the crap out of walked in on my cousin preparing the hookah for a midnight smoke, and I have to admit I was completely entranced. The whole process of indirectly lighting the shisha (or in our case apple flavored herbal molasses) totally demanded my full attention. And then when it came time to smoke I only momentarily hesitated, what was I waiting for?

Turns out nothing. I guess I am in fashion after all.


  1. you're always in fashion...did you enhale? ­­­

  2. When I was living in London I lived on the road that it is in guidebooks "If you want to smoke hookah visit Edgware road." At night, walking down my road, both sides were completely covered with circles of hookah smokers.