Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine

Take me Away.

Every chance I get I take all the stragglers and we head to "another beach." You see, we pretty much own our very own lovely stretch of beach in Pythagorio, Samos (well as much as you can "own" a beach) but it comes with strings. My dad's restaurant is on that lovely beach. So if it is your day off and the restaurant gets busy (as is likely in high season) you are no doubt going to be called up to work by my tyrant of a father. And I mean work hard! Sweat hard! Oh, and I should remind you, you are still wearing your swimsuit while working, and it is most likely still dripping salt water down your leg. So now you're working in your swimsuit, with it dripping down your leg (and if you are of the female variety it is also dripping from your boobs, lucky you). Working, sweating, dripping, all the while hopefully not tripping. So I think you can see why we head to "another beach" as often as possible, which is never often enough.

A sweet escape

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