Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just another bad day in Paradise

So I've had this strange string of bad days, and for no particular reason, other than I'm cranky. Just pure and simple cranky behavior. Okay well maybe not for NO reason. My dad is rather a cranky person, more so in his most recent years. My sister and I go back and forth as to the reason why. Could it be his age? Could it be he works too hard? Is it because it is difficult to be a host? Maybe he's stressed out because of money? Are we, his daughters, the root of his angst? And this list of questions gets longer and longer without any answers ever surfacing.

So this evening, feeling just as cranky as ever, I look over at my dad with his crabby face and I think to myself, "wow he looks like me!" So, there you go, the reason I'm cranky for no particular reason at all is the exact reason why he is.

And yet, this reason remains unidentified.

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