Friday, July 3, 2009

The Pizza Maker

One of my dad's 3 businesses on the Island is a Pizzeria, which we refer to as simply, "the pizza". It was opened by a Dutch guy some years ago, but when he moved on to new ventures my dad seized the opportunity to expand his capitol on the Island by purchasing the pizza. (Again, referring to the business and not to a single pizza pie). This is his third year running the pizza and it gets better and better every year I believe.
Adoni, the pizza maker (employed by my dad) had a family tragedy occur in the last week and had to suddenly make a trip home to Albania. This left a huge void at the pizza. You see, we make everything from scratch at the pizza. And by scratch I mean down to the shredding of the cheese out of 25 lbs blocks. But not only do we shred the cheese, we make the pizza dough. And who do you think is the lucky one to have taken on this gigantic task?! Yes, that's right, me.

the pizza maker.

So these past few days I've spent the sweltering afternoons in front of a wood burning pizza oven, rolling dough.

After it has risen it looks something like this:


And then about 2 hours and 5 lbs of sweat collecting under my boobs, we get about 50 or so of these:

the fruits of my labor

But don't worry, I had help.


  1. sounds like you're earning your keep...the "help" is adorable♥

  2. You look like you lost weight! Must be all that greek food:) Your dad must be loving Zhaina!