Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sea Glass

Here on Samos a lot of time is spent on the beach and one of Zhaina's favorite beach activities is searching for sea glass. Of course she loves swimming and snacking too, but searching for sea glass is the best. On my dad's beach the most common colors of sea glass found are green and clear. But once and awhile you get lucky and find and amber piece or even light blue. The green are from the Heineken bottles, the clear are from the coca-cola bottles, the amber from Amstel beer bottles, and the light blue ones I'm not so sure about. There are also many tiny sea shells and pottery shards that are also lovely to collect. I keep all the sea glass Zhaina finds on her own in a blue gossamer bag that we tote around the world with us, and the search continues. Zhaina now has a crew of helpers on the beach. The newest edition to the crew is Chelsey, her nanny this summer.
All this talk about sea glass reminds me of a lovely book I read some years ago by the same title. I should find mine and re-read it, I remember it filling me so. Perhaps I will tuck away a copy for Zhaina as well...

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  1. Nanny Chelsey could be your sister...the sea glass is gorgeous too")