Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Everyone loves a party! Well...maybe not Zhaina.

It's been all fun and games around here, with little time for anything else.

It all started with a big celebration in Pythagorio last week when the archbishop came from Athens to give a speech (which was strangely followed by fireworks and a concert the next night). We had mini-donuts and and cotton candy, and even a parade. I'm not sure exactly what we were celebrating, but it sure was fun! Look and see how much fun Zhaina had! Okay, so maybe she wasn't such a fan of the fireworks, but we sure thought they were spectacular!

Then this past weekend we were so lucky to get to go to a rock festival in Ireon. The Stranglers were playing and we shook our groove thing all night with only a break to buy a T-shirt Melissa had been eyeing up all week (photo with Melissa wearing T-shirt inserted here, via imagination). We met up with Dad after the concert and reminisced about the old days at the Cove where they played only good music but all the girls were ugly. Okay, maybe only he reminisced and we just listened, he always has been a good storyteller. Wish you coulda been there too!


  1. that has got to be the cutest picture of zhaina i've seen yet!