Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sailing to Samiopoula

This past weekend a few friends and I took a local boat trip to a nearby private Island by the name of Samiopoula (literally meaning "small Samos"). I've been twice before but I think this year was my favorite visit. Zhaina was the only child on the boat and so of course was revered by all. And not to say she didn't deserve the attention, I mean, she IS pretty darn cute.

We spent the day playing in the sand, eating snacks on the beach, honing my Racketta skills (I'm improving exponentially I must say), and enjoying the waves of the sea. Oh and of course we took out ample time for photo ops.

But my all-time-most-favoritest part of the day was on the trip back to Pythagorio when the Captain of the boat announced that we'd be anchoring in an alcove to go swimming! After a brief hesitation I stripped down to my bandeau bikini, handed Zhaina off to Chelsey, climbed up on the boat railing and dove in!!! I was the only female on the boat to dive from where the men were diving and Zhaina couldn't have been more proud. I surfaced the water to hear her clapping on the boat and yelling "Bravo MaMa!!!"


  1. What a life you guys have....I am jelous:) I LOVE these pictures, they look like they came out of a movie. First one is my fav:) Thinking about you guys a lot lately:(

  2. Oh for fun! I bet you both will come back with beautiful brown skin :)

  3. May Zhaina ALWAYS be your biggest fan:)