Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shopping, I'm Going!

With my sister off gallivanting through Italy, Zhaina and I have had to entertain ourselves, and today entertain we did. I've been meaning to visit the nearby capitol of the Island all summer but haven't had the opportunity, until now. I usually prefer to attack Vathi on my own, but I figured if I gave her all the rules of the city ahead of time maybe, just maybe we'd be okay, just the two of us. So in the

car ride
over I repeated "you have to stay by your mom, you have to be good listener, and you don't touch anything!" what felt like a zillion times. And what do you know, it worked! Zhaina was such a big girl in the big city today!

We shopped walked, and walked, and walked and walked, and then we had


Unfortunately since lunch was last on our to-do list we then had to walk back to the car. By this time in the day the sun was blazing and humidity was at an unusual high. Our entire walk back along the harbor was beautiful, but scorching. Finally when I saw the beast car in the distance I felt relief, however momentarily, because Zhaina then announced, "MaMa, my legs hurt!" So we took a break from all that walking and took some photos by the sea.