Friday, September 25, 2009


I hear the welcoming call of Fall, but I do not see it.

You see, here it is still 80+ degrees, sun shiny days EVERYDAY. I wake up every morning (okay more like noon) wondering if today is going to be the last day of summer, or as Melissa puts it, "the last beach day," but everyday we are surprised at how increadably beautiful the weather still is. (And by the way, I have decided that September is by far the most beautiful month in Samos. So if any of you are saving your pennies for a pipe dream vacation, make sure you book your tickets for September of whatever year your dream becomes realized).

I feel so lucky to have this extended summer, to still be wearing my flip flops and ponytail, and swimsuit coverup everyday. I know that soon I'll have to start wearing real clothes during the day, but for now I'll relish these last few weeks of swimsuit wearing, sun glasses rockin' days!

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