Thursday, September 3, 2009

Table for 2

Every Wednesday night my dad has Live Greek Music at his restaurant on the beach, Notos. And now, since I'm not working, we actually get to enjoy "Greek Night." Zhaina and I get all dressed up and try to make it there before the rush so that we can eat too. You see, Wednesday nights are by far our busiest night. There are usually Greeks lined up for a table (or even moving tables out from inside, and sometimes even over from the restaurant next door!)and crazy tourists with smiles plastered across their faces as the entire restaurant sometimes sings along with the band. I too, have learned some of the songs and sing quietly to myself with my own smile plastered across my face. And as for Zhaina, well lets just say she has no problem dancing the night away...

Last night in particular we did NOT make it in time to get a table outside. With the

restaurant full to the brim

Zhaina girl and I set up a table for 2

inside, not far from the kitchen where my dad enjoys Greek night as master chef.


  1. I know the video is dark, it's mostly for the music, so listen up! It was the best I could do with the lighting provided :)

  2. I can't belive they couldn't squeeze you two in somewhere...nasty Greeks!:)
    cute story~