Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Perfect Storm

If you only knew how the sky normally looks here, you would be able to appreciate the following photos that much more. A few years ago I once took it upon myself to count how many days it would take for a cloud to appear in the sky, and I kid you not, I got to 7 weeks! Seven weeks without a single cloud in the sky! And then when it did come it was just a tiny little smear of a thing. We are among the lucky who have clear big blue sky, day after, blue sky day.

Well, the other day changed all that. A storm blew in so fierce that we had more rain fell in a 12 hour period then all of September and October of last year. It was like the sky opened up and and a waterfall came pouring out. But that's not to say we didn't make the best of it.
Hot Lattes all around! (tiny hot chocolate for you know who!)

Oh and my dad sent Taki to purchase one large umbrella that served as a sort of shuttle between the hotel and the restaurant. Me and Melissa joked that every half hour it went back and forth carry people from one destination to the other. Very Greek. You know, far be it from everyone to have their own individual umbrella, we'll all just take turns with the same one. Typical.
around noon it looked like this

Even Zhaina found a way to make herself useful.

That is until she snuck in the water fully clothed while I was busy taking pictures of the sky!

I managed to wrestle her out of her dress and jacket, but not the water, it was just too tempting! And even she couldn't keep her eyes off the sky, it just was too strange, I mean,

for Greece...

It finally did clear up around five in the afternoon, but left us all kind of wondering,

did that just happen?


  1. awsome~what about the smell...did it smell fresh or musty?~just wondering