Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yoga Baby

Sometimes she just amazes me.

Usually when we are on the beach I'm lost in my book, or my magazine, or whatever else I can get my hand on that is written in English. Meanwhile, Zhaina is off making friends with the tourists, or swimming, or finding sea glass, or snails, or some other predictable kid behavior. But the other day when I looked up from my book to scan the beach in search of my social butterfly, this is what I saw...
I thought maybe it was just a fluke, until today when she did this:

Have you ever seen such bliss?


  1. Aw, to be young again. Today I was wishing for some of Preston's energy, instead I fell asleep while rubbed chapstick on the tv:/

  2. she's such a ham... of course in a good way. Love the photos in B&W...

  3. very sweet... are you sure she hasn't been watching this little taste of bliss?