Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In Between

Since successfully arriving Stateside late last week I've been trying my darndest to get reacquainted with the American way of life, but it all feels so...well...hectic. In the few short days we've been back we've done everything from run our selves ragged to spending the entire day in our jammies, and yet I don't feel "happy" doing either exclusively. I'm left thinking,
"isn't there something in between?"

I'm gonna have to get back to you on that one.

For now I'll fill you in on what kind of foolishness we've been up to since we landed.

1. I had my hair did. new color. very dark. very, very, very dark.
2. Held a meeting with Baby Obrean and big sister Ava. complete cuteness.
3. Photo shoot with some of our bests. gorgeous fall colors.
4. Sang our hearts out at Mothersong. a high point.
5. Viewed the new dwelling. overwhelming.

I'll only elaborate on one of the more "hectic" days (see above #3) where we spent the afternoon with family at Jay Cooke, an exteremely beautiful nearby state park. Here are some of my drastically amature shots from the autumn photo shoot. I'm patiently waiting for the veteran photographer to develop her film (yep, the old fashioned way). Until then feast your eyes on these.

the cutest playmates EVER

I told you it was dark

P.S. I'll let you know when I find that balance.


  1. CALM DOWN!:) Give everything time, you just got back. I am nervous about the pictures, it has been awhile since I did I real photo shoot. I still think Barb is the best one for the job. Stressful is the right word, but we had the perfect day. Cute picture of Zhaina and Preston, does he always have to smile like that, I guess it is part of his charm:)

  2. cute... and i LOVE zhania's shoes! a photo shoot sounds like so much fun. let me know when you're ready... it's good practice :)