Saturday, October 3, 2009

Are we there yet?

Now that color week is over, it is back to business as usual: Lengthy posts of our daily shenanigans.

First, I want to tell you all about a day this past week when we went on an Island excursion with the whole gang.

The whole gang
me, Melissa, Zhaina girl, Yianni, Panos, Papu

When we left we were told that we'd be visiting a nearby beach referred to as Psili Amos ("sandy beach") which we've been to many times before and is probably the most famous beach here on Samos. Boy was that misleading! My dad proceded to drive us in his oversized Chevy Avalanche along a 2 lane road that soon became a 1 way, that soon turned into a dirt road, that soon disappeared altogether into the rocks that made up the side of the mountain. We drove along these mountain side rocks for a number of minutes with all passangers holding on for dear life as my dad drove inappropriately fast around corner after sharp corner. Ultimately we came to a stop on a cliff where Zhaina announced, "Papu, that's enough! It's scary!!!" We all piled out the truck amazed we were still alive and shocked at where we had ended up; a small private beach all tucked away in the side of the mountain.

I had to admit, it really was an amazingly beautiful place.

We spent the afternoon rock climbing, swimming, fishing, rock skipping, playing racketta, exploring, and of course picture taking.

Melissa and I unpacking our picnic while Zhaina climbs to her perch in the background


the winning photo of the day

Oh and one more thing, Melissa and I spent the day admiring a mysterious man that we found on "our" private beach.

In fact I'd like to take this time to addres him, where ever he is.

Dear first man (that's what we call you),

You were a breath of fresh air, sitting there on the cliff overlooking the Sea. So beautiful, so handsome, so natural. Almost like you had been made by God for the purpose of just sitting there like you were part of the rock that made up the mountain that made up the Island, as if God had made you to exist there for all of eternity. You looked so right.

Thank you for being there.

the loud family at the beach the other day

remember us?


  1. LOVE this post:) I think it is my fav of yours. You explained it so well, it was one of the times I felt as if I was right there with you. (I wish I could be sometimes). One of these years:)

  2. I love that... let me know when you hear back from the "first man" :)