Thursday, October 8, 2009

We need your vote!

The other day when I was online "shopping" (aka looking but never buying) I came across this casting call for new Gap Baby models and I was like,

"Zhaina could soooooo do that!"

so I entered her! We're a little late on voting since it is nearing the end of the contest, but there is still time!!!! We need

go to

and just click VOTE

you can vote once a day up until October 22nd so log on and get voting! Tell your friends, and your friends friends, and their friends too. Spread the word and let's see what happens!
Maybe you'll be seeing Zhaina girl's sweet face in a Gap store near you soon!


  1. Do you have to log in to vote? I tried and had a little trouble. I will try again tonight:)

  2. yeah turns out you have to create an account with in order to vote. It takes just a few minutes and then once the account is created it's super simple to vote time and time again. So after you create your account just keep click on the link and Zhaina's entry will pop up and you can just click VOTE.

    Thanks to everyone who is voting, I know it takes a few minutes to create that account, so thanks for taking the time!!!