Monday, December 28, 2009

Nativity Scene alive in '09

I never knew a Nativity Set could be so much fun.

A few days before Christmas Zhaina helped me to unpack each individual figurine and set them out where she believed they belonged. As we unpacked them one by one I explained who they were and their significance in the Christmas Story. The baby Jesus was one of the last to be unwrapped (if not the last) and Zhaina was very excited to put him in the lovely scene she had created. The initial set-up took longer than I thought possible, but the fun didn't end there.

In the days that followed the initial "set-up" every time I looked over at the windowsill I noticed that everyone was in a new configuration. The first time I noticed they had changed places I giggled a little to myself because it was almost as if they had come to life when I wasn't looking and walked to their new positions. I mean, I knew that Zhaina must have been playing with them when I wasn't looking, but since I didn't actually see her I was able to convince myself that my porcelain representation of the birth of Christ was alive in my very own living room.

I let that magical thought stay alive in my head for a few days, until I caught her in the act.

Which oddly enough, made this scene all the more sweet :)