Thursday, January 14, 2010

Calling all Coffee Lovers!

My love affair with coffee started about 4 years ago while I was living in LA. There was a Starbucks just down the block from the dance studio, and I felt an almost physical pull there on a daily basis (and I'll admit, I was secretly hoping to run into Britney Spears). At first I was nervous ordering my "gourmet" coffee among a sea of coffee connoisseurs , but as time went on and through the process of trial and error (and a few recommendations from friends...ahem, Erin) over the years I honed my order into something that is near liquid perfection. I am now "that" person in the Starbucks line with a coffee order that makes you sigh loudly and roll your eyes. And since I know you are all curious it goes like this,

"I'll have a Grande 2 pump caramel breve, no foam with whip, at 150 degrees."

oh and sometimes it's decaf, that's after 3 pm.

Translation; Grande is Starbucks for "medium" and I get my medium with 1 less pump of syrup than normal (otherwise it's just too sweet). Breve means that this latte is made with half and half versus milk (skim, 1%, 2%, or whole) and that means more calories, and more smooth creaminess! A latte generally comes with a small amount of foam (versus a cappuccino which is virtually half foam) on the top, but I prefer it to not be there at all. And if you ask me, the MOST important part of the order is the whip cream! You absolutely cannot go without that. If nothing else, THAT part of the order must be there. Oh and one last thing, Starbucks steams their milk anywhere from 162-168 degrees, which is too hot for me! I like to be able to drink my coffee right away without burning my mouth, and when I realized you could order your coffee to temperature, I was in heaven!

So after hundreds of dollars in Starbucks coffee, I seem to have perfected my order, and here I am giving it to you for free! I guess it's your lucky day (as Zhaina would say). So should you pass a Starbucks today, stop in and order a grande 2 pump Caramel breve, no foam with whip, at 150 degrees, and let me know what you think!

Or if you're in my neighborhood you could just stop by my kitchen and I could make it for you myself! That's right, I have graduated to at-home barista thanks to a wonderful Christmas gift from my mother.

and today....Cappuccino!

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