Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dinner Diaries

Being a single mom is often tough, but still sometimes, oh so sweet. And when those sweet times occur on a more than often basis, life is good :)

Yesterday I had one of those sweet moments with Zhaina over lunch. I had cooked us a special New Year's Day meal. Grilled chicken breast, bacon, avocado and lettuce. Zhaina had hers A la Cart and I had mine wrapped in a whole wheat pita. YUM! ....anyways.. we were sitting together eating our (may I say delicious) lunch when Zhaina looked at me and said, "you're the best cooker ever, Mommy." Now doesn't that just melt your heart...

And so then today when I got home from work (like most working mothers I'm sure) the last thing I felt like doing was cooking dinner. But as usual, I did it anyways. I even cooked one of Zhaina's favorite meals, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. double yum. So we're sitting there eating together, just the two of us (duh) and she says, "How was your day at work, MaMa? what did you do there?" I didn't think my heart could grow and bigger! I mean, she's 3! I wanted to jump over and scoop her up and tell her how very special she is to me. I mean it's lonely being a single mom sometimes, but the fact that I have her to share my life with is just such a blessing. But I resisted my urge to smother her with kisses and praise and instead simply said, "well today I fixed some people's glasses." to which she replied, "how did you fix those people's glasses MaMa?" and our conversation went on as I explained what I do at work and she listened, she really listened.

And so this year I may not have a New Year's resolution, but I do have a wish...... to keep those sweet times coming!

And may you have many sweet moments in 2010 as well!
Happy New Year!!!


  1. This was really sweet:) It brought tears to my eyes. Happy New Year to fav sister and her little one:)

  2. i chuckled out loud at this one...what a lovely story and what a great role model you turned out to be:)))

  3. i was just telling aimee today what a kind, good little girl zhaina is.... this story proves it. you've done well stacy :)