Sunday, January 10, 2010

I baked, seriously.

The other morning before work I was feeling ambitious and decided to bake a loaf of banana bread. I got the recipe years ago from an ex-boyfriend's mother (see exes are good for something) and it is a good one! Zhaina played the role of sous chef (is that still the correct term when "baking"?) and we set to work in the kitchen.

After the loaf was safe in the oven (it takes over an hour in there!) we headed off to the post office to retrieve a few gifts that had arrived from overseas (those pics will come later). When we got back to the apartment we were greeted by the most wonderful sweet smell! Fresh baked homemade banana bread! I don't know who was more excited to slice into it, me or Zhaina. But we had to wait for it to cool, a little while anyways....

I decided to butter some up and bring it to work to share with my co-workers (maybe looking to butter them up as well ;) and while I did that Zhaina had the first taste.

Well as you can see she wasn't so much a fan of the walnuts or the crust, but still deemed it "delicious!"

As did my co-workers coincidentally.

After a full day at work I picked up Zhaina from Daycare and the first thing she said to me was

"MaMa, did your friends eat ALL MY banana bread?!"


  1. cute story. What the heck time did you have to go to work. Baking bread and going to the post office before work? BUSY

  2. yum! scott loves chocolate chips in it... i prefer nuts. :)

  3. It looks yummy...and so does zhaina!
    I know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach...hopefully same with co-workers:)