Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dinner for Eight, or Two; whatever

Since this diet (WebWatchers) started 2 weeks ago I've been doing a lot more cooking at home. Mostly because it's just not as fun to eat out if you can't have what you wanna have anyways, but also because Zhaina enjoys it so. She is constantly asking how she can help, wanting to stir, or measure, or lick the spoon, you know all the real important cooking tasks. And so I indulge her and she becomes my sous chef.

Tonight we tackled a baked ziti recipe from my Biggest Loser cookbook. And let me just tell you, it's a good thing I had the day off today, I could have never made this after a long day at work, never. Tonight I entered the kitchen at 5:00 and exited at 6:55. Are you kidding me?! 2 hours to cook, eat and clean up dinner?! That is ridiculous! How do you other working mothers out there do it?!

We (me and Zhaina, count us, we are 2) had Baked Ziti

note. the recipe makes 8 servings, 8 HUGE servings

and a side salad with iceberg lettuce (so not my favorite), carrots, celery, radish, a splash of olive oil, vinegar, and salt and pepper, and a slice of Whole Wheat WeightWatchers toasted bread with a trace of butter and parmesean.

And because this is my favorite part of dinner (and probably yours), here is a excerpt from our dinner conversation:

Zhaina: "Preston said he doesn't want to marry me anymore."

Me: "Oh did he?"

Zhaina: "Yeah, so I decided I'm going to marry Isaac. But not until 6:30. And when he gets taller."


  1. oh for cute! dinner looked good! why did it take so long?

  2.'ll have to remind her of that in about 15 years!!! what fun you two have!!

  3. Ya, the supper making process takes ALOT of time. Especially when you are trying to be healthy. Do you like spinach? That is my fav salad.

    I love Zhaina's convo with you:) I told Preston and he said "why??".