Monday, February 15, 2010


Zhaina has been looking forward to "Valemtime's Day" since, well, the day after Christmas. And hooray, it's finally here! This morning she gave me the best present and slept until 7:40am!!! (soooo not her usual time of between 6:30 and 7:00am, yay!) She went from a dead sleep to bolting out of bed exclaiming "Happy Valemtime's Day!"

In all of her preparation for today she's been making Valentine's Day cards in total Zhaina style. I have a hello kitty notepad that I use to make my grocery list, which she easily took procession of. For the past week or so she's been using a black pen, a pencil and various stickers to decorate her cards for her friends. She'll randomly bring one or another up to me and tell me what they say. One even contained a map of the world where she pointed out to me where was Greece and where was America, and went on to explain that we were in 'Merica now, not Afins." But most were just proclamations of her love for her various friends and family and invitations to come to her house to visit. It was all very sweet.

Zhaina's Valentine's, hand-made with love

She wanted me to bring her to all her friends houses to hand deliver them today, but I told her that although that was a nice thought, we didn't have nearly enough time, but we could put their names on envelopes and put the cards inside and send them in the mail instead. She seemed to like that idea until I had to break the news to her that the post office wasn't open today! So if you should be so lucky to receive one of these very special notes in the mail please know that she would have preferred to give it to you in person, but her mean mommy wouldn't let her.

And seeing how the post office was closed we spent the afternoon doing what I like to do best; shop! We headed to the mall and just hung out, roaming from one store to another, to the food court and back in and out of store after store, until she could barely drag herself around another minute. While having lunch in the food court we shared another one of those hallmark moments, when you just feel so lucky to be a parent. Zhaina was eating her round french fries (aka potato oles) and taco when she looked at me and said,

"MaMa, this food is wonderful, you're the best giver ever!"

And it just doesn't get any better than that.

It is a good Valemtime's Day indeed.

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