Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WebWatchers by Stacy

For this very special project of mine I decided it needed an equally special name and I hereby will refer to my personalized diet plan as WebWatchers.

You see, I'm not following any one diet, so I can't go around saying, "oh I'm on the atkins," or "oh, I'm doing Jenny Craig," or "I'm trying WeightWatchers." But I still want my diet to have a catchy moniker. And now it does. So when you are out in the world talking about me and my diet, please feel free to say things like, "did you hear Stacy is doing WebWatchers?" After all, I was thinking about you, my lovely readers, when I coined it. You see, you are all watching me on this journey. You, the web, are watching me. I have you to answer to. You ARE my meeting.


PS. I don't know how to "copywrite" but I hereby officaly declare this copywrited. Oh how I love you, internet.


  1. you are truly an internet junkie:)

  2. Ok, so I didn not know that you were writing blogs. I had to get caught up on your last three.
    Yes, it SUCKS being an over weight mom. It really creeps up on ya. At least you don't have 60 to loose like me. Good for you for doing this. I would have enver been able to put this on the internet. I am ashamed. I am on my way though. 13 down and way more to go. They say you can loose 7 a month. The first monthe was great for me:) I am giving myself a year. The working out part I LOATH:/ HATE, HATE, HATE it.