Monday, March 29, 2010

A reason to party

Today, at my new apartment, I held my 1st clothing swap!

look at all that yummy food!

and the happy guests!

It all started when last week I saw this photo on Flickr that inspired me to hold a clothing swap of my own. I mean, I have friends with some pretty fantastic taste and some killer wardrobes, so I invited all of them to come and instructed them to bring 10 of their finest items that they would be willing to part with, and in return would get to "shop" for new items from the entire selection.

Overall it was a great success! I myself, ended up with a new (to me, hehehe) LBD, pink leg warmers, and 2 great tops! But I have to admit, the best part was seeing some of my old favorites move on to new homes and new bodies to love them. It just felt so good to pass something on to someone I know and see it make them happy. And all the other ladies seemed pickled pink with thier new wardrobe additions as well, and some even expressed interest in hosting a clothing swap of their own!

I'm gonna have to dig deep to find 10 more fantastic items I'm willing to part with ;)

Oh and just a note, all unclaimed merchandise will be donated to a local shelter.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Special Breakfast

Every morning for breakfast Zhaina BEGS me to make "special breakfast," which to her means anything made from scratch. (IE. not the usual frozen waffles, cereals and milk, or toast). On my 2 days off a week I give in to her early morning pleas, and to the kitchen we both go.

She loves to get the recipe out, helps me to gather all of the ingredients, and after I measure, she likes to pour it into the bowl, and of course she loves to help stir. She gets her little stool and pulls it right up close to me (she's practically on top of me the entire time) and asks about a zillion questions and has to taste and/or smell each and every ingredient. She likes to choose her plate and which chair she'll sit in at the table. And of course she likes eating her

"special breakfast."

Today's Special Breakfast, 300 calorie french toast

PS. my favorite part of "special breakfast" is how much Zhaina enjoys it.

PSS. and my least favorite part is the cleanup :(

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Day at the Park

Today we had the good fortune to get to spend the afternoon in the park with friends (or technically family, actually). We were blessed here in the Northland with a beautiful sunshiny day and specifically we were even more so with the opportunity to enjoy it. Zhaina and I met Barbara, Scott, Maria, and Ginger at our local neighborhood park and let the fun be had!

The older girls swung, and slid, and monkey barred their little hearts out, then we went for a walk. After a couple of hours it was evident that they would surely be sleeping soundly tonight. And speaking of sleeping soundly, you should have seen sweet Ginger sleeping in her daddy back-carrier! And it too was fun for me to have a little adult conversation with people who know and love me. As a single mom of one, I often worry about us getting lonely, and especially about Zhaina not having siblings, so seeing her today running around with Maria was touching to say the least.

And as Zhaina and I walked home hand in hand, she said to me, "I sure did have fun today."

So did I, Zhaina.

Monday, March 8, 2010

in the words of Zhaina girl

So I have one of those kids that is just about the friendliest kid possible.

Tonight we were out to dinner with Auntie Melissa and Zhaina was passing the time by making drawings for the couple sitting across the room from us (we'd never met). She made two pictures, one at a time, for them. Each was a rainbow and she delivered them with this message. "Excuse me Sir. I drawed this rainbow for you." The couple did not seem bothered, nor pleased with the gift from an unknown 3-year-old. Then after about fifteen minutes the woman motioned for Zhaina to come over to their table, and off she bound across the room. I saw the man hand Zhaina something to which she quickly grasped hold of and brought it back to our table. She said it was a treasure and that I couldn't peak. Finally she opened her hand over the table and down dropped a handful of coins, some real (a quarter, a few pennies, and a nickle), some fake (a beautiful large purple shiny one!). I gasped and said,

"you're so lucky!"

to which she replied,

"yeah, and RICH!"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Month 1 Webwatchers Recap

When I started this I had planned to post more often, but have been unable to do so since I've been working long crazy hours at work! I just can't in good conscience rationalize time spent on the computer when I have about a billion other things I need to be doing in the very few hours I get to spend at home with Zhaina girl these days :(

That being said, I did want to update you all on my progress, which has been fantastic! I'm still going strong, and to be honest it has gotten A LOT easier in the past couple weeks. I don't know if it's cause I have so much going on that I don't have time to eat as much, or if it's that since I'm trying to watch my caloric intake it's not as fun to eat if I can't eat what I want to eat anyways, but whatever the reason, it's working!!!

Here is the breakdown:

Week 1 lost 3 lbs

Week 2 lost 3 lbs

Week 3 maintained, didn't loose any but didn't gain any either :/

Week 4 lost 2 lbs

For a total weight loss of 8 lbs the first month! Fantastic news, right?!!!!

This morning I quick shot some pics to see if anyone can see where those 8 pounds disappeared from. What do you think?

Do I look any different at all?????

here maybe this will help, here are the before pics again