Monday, March 15, 2010

A Day at the Park

Today we had the good fortune to get to spend the afternoon in the park with friends (or technically family, actually). We were blessed here in the Northland with a beautiful sunshiny day and specifically we were even more so with the opportunity to enjoy it. Zhaina and I met Barbara, Scott, Maria, and Ginger at our local neighborhood park and let the fun be had!

The older girls swung, and slid, and monkey barred their little hearts out, then we went for a walk. After a couple of hours it was evident that they would surely be sleeping soundly tonight. And speaking of sleeping soundly, you should have seen sweet Ginger sleeping in her daddy back-carrier! And it too was fun for me to have a little adult conversation with people who know and love me. As a single mom of one, I often worry about us getting lonely, and especially about Zhaina not having siblings, so seeing her today running around with Maria was touching to say the least.

And as Zhaina and I walked home hand in hand, she said to me, "I sure did have fun today."

So did I, Zhaina.


  1. and so did we! thanks for the fun afternoon... we should do it again :)

  2. I wasn't invited:( I am always in desperate need of some adult convo.
    We should all get together soon it would be a regular circus:))) BTW we have not spoken in forever. Did you forget about that you have this family that loves you so;)

  3. cute shot of the two girlfriends:)