Monday, March 8, 2010

in the words of Zhaina girl

So I have one of those kids that is just about the friendliest kid possible.

Tonight we were out to dinner with Auntie Melissa and Zhaina was passing the time by making drawings for the couple sitting across the room from us (we'd never met). She made two pictures, one at a time, for them. Each was a rainbow and she delivered them with this message. "Excuse me Sir. I drawed this rainbow for you." The couple did not seem bothered, nor pleased with the gift from an unknown 3-year-old. Then after about fifteen minutes the woman motioned for Zhaina to come over to their table, and off she bound across the room. I saw the man hand Zhaina something to which she quickly grasped hold of and brought it back to our table. She said it was a treasure and that I couldn't peak. Finally she opened her hand over the table and down dropped a handful of coins, some real (a quarter, a few pennies, and a nickle), some fake (a beautiful large purple shiny one!). I gasped and said,

"you're so lucky!"

to which she replied,

"yeah, and RICH!"