Monday, March 29, 2010

A reason to party

Today, at my new apartment, I held my 1st clothing swap!

look at all that yummy food!

and the happy guests!

It all started when last week I saw this photo on Flickr that inspired me to hold a clothing swap of my own. I mean, I have friends with some pretty fantastic taste and some killer wardrobes, so I invited all of them to come and instructed them to bring 10 of their finest items that they would be willing to part with, and in return would get to "shop" for new items from the entire selection.

Overall it was a great success! I myself, ended up with a new (to me, hehehe) LBD, pink leg warmers, and 2 great tops! But I have to admit, the best part was seeing some of my old favorites move on to new homes and new bodies to love them. It just felt so good to pass something on to someone I know and see it make them happy. And all the other ladies seemed pickled pink with thier new wardrobe additions as well, and some even expressed interest in hosting a clothing swap of their own!

I'm gonna have to dig deep to find 10 more fantastic items I'm willing to part with ;)

Oh and just a note, all unclaimed merchandise will be donated to a local shelter.