Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Friendship by mail

A little over a week ago the weather crisped up and I was forced to take inventory of Zhiana's cool weather clothes.  In doing so I also went about the business of packing up her summer clothes.  And as I do every year, I was a little bit sad about packing away virtually brand new clothing just because the temperature changed.  I mean, I do borrow out Zhaina's used clothing to my cousin's daughter who is a year behind Zhiana, and my best friend's daughter who is two years behind Zhaina, but who could  use her clothes right now?!  So that night as I layed in bed trying to fall asleep I got to thinking, then it came to me.  My dear friend's daughter reciently moved to Florida, it's hot there!  And she is just Zhaina's size.  Big for her age ;) 

Two days later a box full of summer dresses, tanks, and shorts was on it's way south.  I explained to Zhaina that we were sending her summer clothes to her "pen pal" who lives in Florida where it is warm like in Greece. She thought it was a good idea.  A few days's later we recieved a picture of her new pen pal wearing one of Zhaina's favorite summer dresses.  The box had arrived safely!  She started to understand a little bit more saying, "it's too cold to wear my dress in Minnesota today. But not in Greece." And of course I corrected her, saying, "and not in Florida."  

And a few days later a box appeared in our mailbox, filled with long sleeves and jeans just Zhaina girl's size.  This was a better idea then I even thought!  a cross continental childrens' clothing swap!  Genius!  And after ooo-ing and ahh-ing at all her new clothes, Zhaina agreed with me, saying, "that was fun, MaMa. I sent her my clothes and she sent me hers. I like penpals."

She immediately jumped into her "new" jammies, which is what I heard her pen pal did the night her box arrived too ;)

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